Although the calendar says spring does not arrive for a few weeks, since the clocks have changed and we have had barely a hint of winter (2 nights of “frost” in December and rain last weekend), it’s spring as far as I’m concerned. Oh – and it was 80 degrees yesterday. I’ve previously written about how much I love this time of year – and 2014 is no different. While we don’t have the cold and dark winter that much of the country experiences, there is still something magical about how the garden just comes to life in early March. Everything is lush, green, and growing. It gives me hope and it makes me smile.

My “3 Words” for 2014 were Grow, Grace, and Gratitude. It has been a difficult start to the year, but the garden and I are both growing in wonderful ways. I am working hard at handling changes and challenges with grace. And I am constantly grateful for the wonderful people in my life.


Mom and I planted the bulbs in late October. My amateur photography skills simply cannot capture the stunning display – but you get the idea.

“Gardening is an instrument of grace” – May Sarton – Journal of A Solitude


6 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Your “amateur” photography skills are perfect! I am sharing your love of spring and can’t wait til things calm down for both of us! XOXO

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