2012 – Year In Review

Anyone who spends just a few minutes with me knows how important my garden is – it’s my inspiration, my therapist, and my friend. I’m still relatively new to gardening – just 2 years in – but I’m fortunate to be able to take advantage of the mild Southern California climate and a fair amount of beginner’s luck.

I am clearly a very amateur photographer (sorry a lot of the pictures are blurry) and since I changed computers halfway through the year many of them are also out of order. But the video makes me smile and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Happy New Year!



17 thoughts on “2012 – Year In Review

    • Thank you Vicki! I need to get better with my photography and video skills, but it’s nice to look back and remember the amazing produce that came out of my backyard. I’m ordering my seeds for 2013 right now!

    • Thanks, Lori – for me this is the best way to sum up a year. And if the Garden Gods are willing, it will be an annual review! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  1. I’m glad your surgical skills weren’t beginners luck! I think you’re good at everything you try. The garden is lovely. A lot of work for a great yield.

  2. I have garden envy. Food for thought for 2013 1) Mail us your surplus when available. 2) Travel to Denver for a weekend (in the summer). Bring your babies with you and we’ll eat them all. You can be the Chef and I can be a good little helper.

    I know you keep travel to a minimum, but what do you do when you have to travel?



    • I will definitely mail you surplus seeds – I just ordered mine yesterday! I’ll be happy to either take a trip to Denver or host you for a weekend of gardening, cooking, and eating – just let me know.

      Traveling is tough – I bake my gluten-free breads and take them with me, and stock up on bananas, apples, nuts, and other foods that travel well. I just try to keep things as healthy as possible which is not always easy.

  3. Whoa! You’re an incredible gardener, Deanna! And, a beginner, no less. I want your green thumb. Have you ever been to Esalen in Big Sur? It’s a New Age retreat center. In addition to the inspiring workshops they offer, they have a beautiful, expansive garden along the cliffs that supplies the food for the staff and seminarians. My husband teaches at Esalen several times a year, and I’m often there enjoying the serenity, the food, the beauty, the massages, the hot tubs (fed by local hot springs), etc., etc. If you’re looking to learn more about gardening, you might investigate Esalen. It’s not too far from LA and a stunning drive along Hwy.1. If you’re interested, check it out here: http://www.esalen.org/page/farm-garden

    Happy gardening and New Year! –Liz

  4. There is nothing like keeping a garden; the earth in your hands and fingernails, earthworms, birds, beauty. That smell of the dirt. And the best part is that you can bury all of your troubles in a garden and walk away renewed, It is THE single thing I miss the most since moving to NYC.

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