My 3 Words – An Update

Or maybe this should be titled “life gets in the way”…

With the first day of Spring just past and Easter just around the corner, it’s time to finally shake off winter (or what we call winter here in Southern California) and move forward. But I don’t think you can properly move forward without reflecting – note I said reflecting, not dwelling – on the past. So I went back to my New Year’s Day post, and came across Resilience, Rejuvenation, and Serenity. How am I doing?

Well, life gets in the way, and things have been hardly what I would call serene. I am being pulled in multiple different directions; all things I want to do but as I get older I realize that I can’t continue to do it all.  Getting older is fine. For me, the difficult part is trying to accept my limitations while at the same time balancing all that I still want to accomplish with the expectations that I and others place on me.



Spring is a beautiful, promising time of the year – to me even more so than January 1. My garden is doing wonderfully. The daffodils are in bloom. I’ve already harvested some baby beets and kale, and have enough sugar snap peas to make lunch for my entire office building – all started from seed! Summer crops are going in this weekend and next. The nice thing about gardening here is that there is always something growing – you don’t have to wait until after the snow melts. It’s a reminder to me that we are also constantly growing – changing with the seasons and wiith the events that occur in our day-to-day lives.

So while life has gotten in the way, and I have not started the New Year in the zen-like state that I envisioned, all is good. I’m not looking back, frustrated that I am struggling to keep my “resolutions”. I’m looking back to remember what I started out to accomplish and am looking forward, knowing that I will get there.


19 thoughts on “My 3 Words – An Update

  1. Boy do I relate! It’s tough to admit one’s limitations and realize you can’t do everything you want to isn’t it? One of my New Year’s words was “balance” and I’m not doing as well as I had hoped, but… Guess I’ll keep working on it!

    Spring is the season of promise. New growth is a very concrete reminder of life’s cyclic nature. It’s great that you take time to garden and you’re already enjoying the benefits!

    I’m a believer in looking forward while also looking back to remember. Lovely post and photos!

    • Thanks, Nancy – I think for many “balance” is something we constantly work towards. If we get there, it may not last long – things are constantly changing. However I think that as long as we keep trying, and learning and growing – that’s the best we can do – and often it’s more than enough.

  2. I so understand.

    One of my favorite quotes: “As for life, I don’t like it. I notice no ‘interplay of life and art.’ Life is that which — pressingly, persistently, unfailingly, imperially — interrupts.” – cynthia ozick

    But gardens interrupt life, too…they need daily attention and nurturing. So if at least if it doesn’t balance – you are involved in healing the world in your work and hobby.

    Think about that:)


    • I guess I’ve embraced the interruption! Gardens do need nurturing, but give so much in return – not just the tangibles of fresh vegetables (that I GREW, FROM SEED!!) but the peace that I find even when just puttering around in my backyard. And yes, I am involved in healing both in work and in hobby – I am truly blessed.

  3. I like your distinction between reflecting and dwelling on the past. Reflection is much better. I loved the pictures. Here in Chicago, unfortunately, we do have to wait for the snow to melt.

    In terms of being pulled in many directions, I can relate. I sometimes feel overwhelmed at doing so much and afraid I won’t do any of it well. Loved your posting.

    • Thanks for commenting Beth – still trying to figure out how to reduce the pulling and still keep everyone, including myself, happy. Hoping you thaw out soon!

  4. Lovely post and lovely beets! We’re having a beautiful spring here too, and it reminds me to get my pots in order.

    I’m trying to not get pulled too much by the shoulds and oughts.. Just trying to look forward to each day. Reflection is good. Enjoy the garden!

    • Elaine thanks for your comments and the garden compliments – I must say I think I have done fairly well for a beginner…the garden has been instrumental in helping me reflect and slow down. Just thinking about it makes me smile – good luck with yours!

  5. You’ve now reminded me that resilience was one of my chosen words too..and oops..I am not doing so hot on that either. Still, we always have the opportunity to begin again and reading your post today I am making a promise to do just that.

    • Hi Marie – I appreciate your comments and thank you also for including me in the weekly roundup! My garden is a constant reminder about how even if something is not going according to plan, there is the opportunity to start over, and still wind up with something beautiful. Maybe different from the original plan, but still beautiful. I’m trying to incorporate the lessons of the garden into my daily life – not easy – but trying!

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  7. The garden is a perfect symbol for what you do … think of all you are teaching people online and in your community. All those nuggets of important knowledge are not unlike those “volunteers” that spring up and take over our gardens. In our flower beds (which are frankly exhausted now that the Phoenix “winter” has given way to “spring”) I’m always amazed by the fact that something like toadflax has found its way in. How it got here, I have no idea, but it started with a seed somewhere far from a sweltering Phoenix!
    Keep gardening in every sense!

    • Yvonne – you got me with “toadflax” – since I’m relatively new to gardening, I had not heard of it before. However I looked it up and found some gorgeous photos – thanks for sharing!

  8. First of all Kudos that you can manage gardening, your practice and blogging! I bet it’s the organic food that gives you the strength and nullifys your statement about your aging! I would love to age like you.
    Dr. Attai, do you also believe (like me) that going organic boosts our immune system and aids in combating cancer? Could rampant cancer be evolving as a lifestyle byproduct in fast food America?
    Oh! and about gardening, after my tomatoes were subjected to haunting of the hornworm kind, I gave up. Primarily because of parasite-laden hornworm nightmares!
    Keep inspiring Doctor:)

    • I wish it was as simple as adopting an organic diet – there are many factors involved in development of disease and maintenance of health – diet is just one piece of the puzzle.

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